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Bishop Kevin D Mercer Bio

Bishop Kevin D Mercer is the husband of Prophetess Mercer and the father of 6 beautiful children 4 boys and 2 girls. Bishop was born and raised by his mother in the beautiful city of Watts California he was brought up with a strong christian background. By the age 13 his life changed and he started gettng involved in gang activities and hanging out with the wrong group of guys. At age 15 Bishop and some of his close friends started a neighborhood gang called "CIRCLE CITY PIRUS" he began doing crazy things and because of his involvement he ended up commiting a serious crime and because of that Bishop ended up in the California Youth Authority. Because of the seriousness of the crime he spent the next 5 years of his life incarcerated. While he was incarcerated he heard the call of God to preach that was on his life since birth. Not understanding what he had heard like Samuel he ignored the call. By age 20 Bishop was released from jail and with no directions he began to get involved with the selling of drugs. Four years later after meeting and marring Prophetess Mercer who was a praying and fasting women invited him to go to church with her,After deciding to go to church with her several times Bishop got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost during a 7 night revival. Bishop excepted his call to the ministry in 1994 and he preached his first sermon entitled "LET'S KO THE DEVIL" Matt:4:1-11 Bishop said when the enemy comes at you, you gotta hit him with the word. Bishop Mercer has been preaching the Gospel for over 15 years he has served as Asst. Pastor for 2 year. Bishop Mercer has a heart for the lives of those that's in the streets such as gang members and those that the world has counted out. Bishop has a special Anointing on his life for the lost . He delivers the message of God with such "FIRE AND POWER". He's Currently the Senior Pastor of The Destiny Center and the Prelate Bishop of Global Destiny Covenant Fellowship Of Churches. Pick up a copy of his life changing book From The Streets Of South Cental To The Strets Of Gold at

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